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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  August 16, 2012 4:30pm-5:00pm EDT

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hello, troutman. we've got great videos, "right this minute." the face of despair. as rescuers try to free a boy -- >> caught in the concrete railing of a government building. >> see the delicate operation to break the brick without breaking his head. a big rig hits another truck that starts leaking. >> that's liquefied petroleum
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gas. >> translation, that thing's gonna wuburn. >> it happens within seconds. this little guy has had surgery after surgery. >> and he's only four months old. >> we've got the amazing story of reno, the miracle colt. and ufo sighting that has people asking -- >> are we alone in the universe? >> let the doubting begin. >> this could be a flashlight that someone is shining on the wall in a dark room. a risky rescue of a child was all caught on camera in china. russia today has footage of a little boy with his head caught in the concrete railing of a government building in china, and his face is terrified. >> was it one of those situations where the kid was just playing around and stuck his head in there? >> they don't quite know how the little boy got his head stuck. as you can see, emergency workers were called to the scene. the guys you see in the orange jackets are firefighters.
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when they first arrived at the beginning of this video, you see them trying to push the boy's head through. you see them trying to maneuver the boy. you can tell from this shot behind the little boy's body that he's wedged in there pretty well. >> they got like the jaws of life out to crack open this thing? >> according to reports, this was a set of hydraulic pliers that they used to separate the concrete barrier. and of course this was incredibly dangerous for this boy so they tried to block his head, block his body as best they could from any kind of falling debris from this process. you can only imagine what the sound of that did to this little boy who was already terrified. >> you've got to think about how uncomfortable he was in that position, let alone scared. but crouching down with your head stuck in that little space for so long, your body has got to start to react in weird ways and then everybody is just looking and watching what's going on, the humiliation of that too. >> watch here at the end, the little boy is freed. and look at his face.
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>> he's just got tears. >> but he walks over to the loving arms of his grandmother, and that makes everything better. >> happy ending to this story. this sweet black lab is known as mr. jack. he's a blind lab, but he is being treated by a vet because someone based on these x-rays shot him with air rifles lodging about 12 pellets in his body. >> look at him. >> you can tell he's in pain. abc 7 news in denver talked to the owner, john dukeman. >> whoever did this set up and used my dog for target practice. >> what is wrong with people that they would do this to this poor defenseless little guy. he's obviously an older dog. he's got a little gray face. >> old or not, any dog you don't do this with. that's sglashl you cterrible. >> you can see where the pellets were and the vet believes he had been shot at least once a day
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over several days. it has been really expensive because he's already paid more than $1,000 on the treatment for mr. jack. they are still looking for the person who's responsible for this. >> if people donated a couple of bucks -- >> get enough people to donate a dollar and they'd be tiebl pably for all of his medical bills. >> this is really heart breaking. they were able to remove one of the pellets and they still have 11 pellets to get out. >> it's okay. guys, i've got some really graphic video coming out of china. take a look at the very top of your screen. you see a truck rear-end another smaller vehicle and stuff spills out all over. that's liquefied petroleum gas that spilled out of that smaller blue truck. and it erupts in flames. >> oh, no. oh, no. >> wow. the man who was driving the larger truck behind was trapped inside the cab as this thing went up in flames and did get
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out of the cab, but died later from burns he received inside the truck. >> oh, oh, oh, that's awful. >> it happened within seconds. it was impact and the next thing you know there's a trail of fire. >> you see the liquid spill out. and it doesn't erupt immediately, but you're right, just seconds later this minor rear-end accident turned deadly. >> of all the things to run into, to run into that with that flammable stuff in the back of that truck, and then get trapped in your own vehicle. oh, my goodness. reno is a miracle colt. he's only four months old, but when you hear what he's been through, you're going to agree with me. you can see reno here looks happy, healthy, loves gatorade. as you can see right there. but reno has been through some serious surgery. at two months old, reno had major brain surgery to remove bone shards. then later had kidney failure
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and a ruptured bladder which also had to be operated on. reno's owner jody bratton talked to kutv about her special horse. >> i had to lie him down, split him open like a jigsaw puzzle. i saw several that came in a whole lot healthier with better odds than reno and i sat there with them while they cried. i had to leave icu so they could put their horses to sleep. >> so reno was in the hospital about 31 days after that last surgery, but as you can see now, reno is alive and doing well today. >> that's a lot for an animal to go through. >> the surgeries were performed at texas a&m university. we have dr. keith chafin right this minute to tell us about it. >> how did this happen? >> there was suspicion that perhaps the mare, the foal's mother, may have kicked him in the head but there's no evidence to support or refute that. >> were you guys able to learn
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anything from this case with reno? >> absolutely. in our hospital we've had mri imaging and cat scan imaging available for many years for small animals, like dogs and cats. only since last september do we have those capabilities available for large animals. this technology opens a lot of doors for the advancement of patient care for horses and large animals of any type. >> i know reno has only been home a month, but hisfuture,e can beiky th norl horse? >> time will tell, but at this point in time we are optimistic that reno may be a very normal horse. what do we have here? >> eight people on one motorbike, my friends. >> that ain't no easy rider. see how it's done. and what happens when you stab a tire full of air?
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>> blew the clothes off the guy. >> ah, yes. you get blown. find out why he may have had it coming.
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a couple of scary moments caught on surveillance camera. this is inside of a supermarket. pay close attention to this woman right here holding her groceries. that's a 51-year-old mother of the woman who posted this video. >> whoa! maybe that guy thought that was the entrance to a parking garage. >> or a car wash. i don't know. but he narrowly missed a couple of people that were standing right outside. luckily in this incident, no one was injured. >> it looks like they were all just dodging out of the way just in time. >> the second scary incident caught on camera was back here in the states in florida. this was caught on surveillance
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camera outside pin-up gentleman's club. we got this story from wftv. you see this crowd of people at the top of your screen. watch what's about to happen. >> this guy hit some people. >> he did did some people. he injured two people. one of the guys was the strip club owner. his name is tim blakely. the guy behind the wheel of the suv was travis gailbray and he was in this crowd of people, hopped in his suv, got behind the wheel and intentionally drove through this crowd. this was no accident. after he drove through the crowd the first time, according to reports, came back, flew through the parking lot again at 40 miles per hour, according to some reports. luckily the second pass through, he did not hit anyone. >> that's attempted murder, right? >> was he charged? >> he was arrested and is facing felony charges. water slidefest.
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♪ guess what is celebrating its 25th anniversary? discovery channel's shark week. and to celebrate, one of their sponsors, volkswagen, did a very cool thing. they created the underwater beetle shark cage. >> what? >> huh-uh. >> true. >> the inspiration for this was the volkswagen beetle and turning it into an underwater vehicle. >> they send it to the bottom of the ocean in shark-infested waters and this marine biologist took for it a test drive. >> and we are rolling. >> oh, yeah. >> this is beautiful.
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>> hey, i wouldn't call this a shark cage as i would like a shark atractor. >> it's fully loaded with two propellers, air system, tubular aluminum frame, a volkswagen hood ornament and alloy wheels. >> does it have ac and automatic windows? >> i think you're okay in that area. >> does it have a horn? >> it does not have a horn. >> get out of the way, shark! >> i'm just surprised that nobody got eaten. >> good thing sharks don't eat beetles. i think these people ne to invest in a side car. i think you'll agree this video is from itn. it's in the hunan province in china. eight people on one motorbike, my friends. when i say eight people, four adults, four children. the only one wearing any
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semblance of a helmet is the driver. he's got two kids in front of him. then there are three adult females behind him and other kids mixed in there too. acoring to itn the person that took this video said they were worried about the safety of this group of people, obviously. itn also said the china traffic department recently warned drivers about doing crazy things out there on the road and also eminded them to t kp safetyin mis that. >> that little boy in the yellow shirt is not exactly in the middle of the bike. he's happeninging off to the si >> they probably have no other way to get around and have to get the whole family somewhere. it's what they have got to deal with. it's not safe but how they travel. i just want to hear the conversation out the door, who called shotgun on that one? >> and what is shotgun? >> i also think the soundtrack to this should be like the clown car soundtrack.
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this is like a clown bike. ♪ a bus, a slippery road, and -- >> oh, wow. >> that bus did a complete 360. >> see what happens when the bus turned too much. and watch ahead. >> oh! >> funny. >> i don't think so. but see for yourself, "right this minute." don't forget, "right this minute" is all new, all su
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a terrible accident happened outside of beijing on sunday when this bus started hydro planing in a tunnel. >> as you can see the bus is going through a tunnel, goes through a puddle and it never recovers. watch as it swervz. -- swerves. >> oh, no! >> oh, no! >> oh, no! >> oh, wow. >> that bus did a complete 360 after swerving back and forth, flipped over on its side blocking the entire roadway. in all there were 19 passengers on board. one elderly man died. 18 others were taken to the hospital. but listen to the sounds after the crash. >> it didn't even look like it
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crashed that hard to kill somebody. >> no, it didn't. >> it got banged around so much that it slowed down almost and almost flipped over on its side kind of easy. >> it does look like it didn't fall down with a lot of force but you've got an elderly person. who knows if he was sitting in this bus. if someone may have fallen on top of him if nobody was wearing a seat belt. >> this is horrifying. >> the guy in this video got what was coming to him. the report says the man you see tried to extort some money from a store owner inside. when that didn't work, he went outside and stabbed the wheel of the store owner's truck. >> oh, so he's like slashing the tires. >> yeah. >> watch how that goes for him. >> what? >> blew the clothes off the guy! >> he smashed his face off the steps too. >> yep. >> he looked like a rag doll. >> it's incredible.
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he clearly walks up with a shirt on. when he stabs the tire, blows the shirt right off his body. >> this isn't a tire from a honda kiscivic. this is on a big dump truck looking thick. those are huge. this guy is an idiot. i enjoy watching this guy get hurt. >> that is unbelievable, what an idiot. i can only think of one word to describe this next video, awkward. >> oh, yeah. >> dude is having a little private time, you could say, with himself and his laptop. >> oh, yes. >> we were down. if you were going to hit him, you would have lost. >> hey, what up? what up? >> i'm doing spreadsheets. doing spreadsheets, getting
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ready for taxes. >> cool. >> the spreadsheets excuse probably worked. >> don't work too hard. >> i won't. worry about yourself. >> all right. >> that was really close. >> , no! >> yes. in cse you han'ab reshts a all. if you want to see the entire video, head to our website, and click on best of rtm. there it is, finally video of a ufo. right? >> this is nothing. this is nothing. >> what steven said. >> see the latest evidence that we are not alone. >> i hope not! the first time i saw fios, it was absolutely amazing.
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welcome to life on fios. ♪
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welcome to life on fios. and made it better. >> that's an apology, yeah. let me start off with a little disclaimer. i do not condone this kind of behavior but, man, it's funny. a couple of guys in a car seem to be up to no good. watch what happens. >> oh! >> funny. >> it is very funny, i know. i can't condone it either. >> they put their hands on the booties of some ladies. >> how do you not laugh at that? these guys see one of those bicycle-driven party beer carts up ahead and so they see an
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opportunity to score not one, but ten butt grabs. listen to the outrage, that's the funny part. [ screaming ] >> you've got to -- >> in a way they were probably like now they have got a funny story to tell. >> who, the boys? >> the girls were assaulted. >> some girls, they're going to be like you'll never believe. kelly, you'll never believe what happened when we were out on the bike thing. this guy came by and touched all our butts. [ screaming ] are we alone in the universe? >> i hope not. >> we got this video from ufo case book. apparently it was shot on august 7th over spain. and, according to reports, there were multiple witnesses. >> all right. i believe that there are aliens out there, okay, but not because of a video like this with zero context. this could be a flashlight that
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someone is shining on the wall in a dark room. this is nothing. this is nothing. >> what steven said. >> wait a minute, though. if you're talking about something way up in the sky, what's the likelihood you're going to have your awesome, expensive camera handy to capture that moment. >> what she said. >> and if there were multiple witnesses, why aren't there multiple videos from all sorts of different angles where you can see a building or a tree or a person in the video? >> you're zooming in because it's way up in the sky. >> how do you know it's way up in the sky? this could be a street lamp in the parking lot. the ufo is up there, start the video on beth. here's beth, here's the house, here's the tree, there's the ufo. i want to believe in bigfoot and loch ness monster and i want to believe in aliens, but this is nothing doing for me. >> you don't really expect to see a ufo so you're not exactly prepared to see that. why is it so hard for you to believe this is a ufo. >> gayle, are you an alien?
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>> i am not an alien, but i hope you all live long and prosper. go vulcan. >> maybe we're the aliens. >> and we're trying to cover this up. >> is it working? >> you're doing it. >> can you not look at your own hands? >> no, you're the alien. >> it feels weird. >>e want to know what you think, is this a ufo? isth a fehead over to faceboo m that's it for our show, everybody. thanks for joining us. have a great rest of your day and don't forget tomorrow's rtm top ten countdown. -- captions by vitac --
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a man with a criminal past tries to kidnap a woman. it is beautiful out there. let's go several hundred miles to the west. the news starts right now. new at 5, the college student accused of killing the man and eating parts of the victim won't be going to trial soon. doctors said 21-year-old alexander kinyua is mentally incompetent. >> the hearing was bree. the defense asked for kinyua to be evaluated right after his arrest. doctors said he can't help with his trial. it started with the report of a missing man


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